Scooby Doo Pornography Story: London Laughs – Chapter Two

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: London Laughs – Chapter Two

I do not own Scooby-Doo or any related Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros
characters. The plot and minor characters are creations of mine. This
is a non for profit, just for fun piece of fan writing!

Two Driving Along In Their Automobile

England at last!

This is
gonna be a great vacation!

Think of all the sights we can see!

bring on the fish and chips!

rand rips! Mmmm-mmmm

exclamations came thick and fast from the mouths of the four teens
and a dog that formed Mystery Inc as they stood on the docks at Dover
Port. They had waited many months for this trip to London, England,
and now they were actually here! It was too good to be true.

And we
cant come on vacation without bringing Old Faithful! cried Fred
as the Mystery Machine was lowered from the cargo deck of the cruise

The gang
piled their luggage into the back of the van and took their usual
spots up front; Fred taking the wheel, with Daphne by his side
getting the map out of her bag. Velma sat next to her, and was
already hanging out of the window taking pictures, and Shaggy and
Scooby were relaxing in the back seat, each munching away on a triple
decker three cheese sandwich.

It will be about a two hour drive from here to London, Freddie. So I
suggest we leave now and if we make good time we will be in our hotel
by midday. Said Daphne, carefully tracing the route on the map

I cant
wait to get to London! Jinkies, home to Sherlock Holmes. The Tower of
London, Buckingham Palace began Velma

Harrods, and Harvey Nichols. Then there is Covent Garden, and then
all of the theatres and shows. Continued Daphne

cool people with British accents.. Fred interjected

tea, and fish and chips, and big greasy fry ups! Cried Shaggy

The gang
laughed and Fred started the engine.

look out London! Here we come! shouted Shaggy, as the Mystery
Machine accelerated away from the docks.

As the van traveled
along the road, Daphne read out some facts from a tourist book.

That castle, up
there on the hill look, is Dover Castle. It is really really old and
is supposedly full of ghostly activity.

Like we will stay
well away from that then! said Shaggy firmly, Right Scoob?

Reah. Agreed his
canine companion

The two girls chuckled
at the antics of Shaggy and Scooby, Fred merely grinned in the rear
view mirror; his main focus was the road, driving on the left was
strange to him and it required concentration on his part.

By his side Daphne

Boy, am I ever
tired! she said sleepily, Thats what I get for getting up at
the crack of dawn.

Theres a couple
of blankets back there if you wanna go and take a nap. Offered
Velma, I could take over navigating if you want.

How long we got to
go, Freddie? the redhead asked

Bout another hour
of driving. Although to tell you the truth I wouldnt mind a rest
break for an hour.

Like did someone say
rest break? Scooby and I are starved! Lets make like a food
stop instead! cried Shaggy from the back of the van.

The van continued on
until it came to a large service area, the blond driver parked the
van nearby the entrance to the diner.

Well we are making
good time gang, it is nine am. So if we stop here for an hour and a
half, we will still be in London by midday. Said Fred looking at
his watch.

The rest of the gang
agreed. Scooby and Shaggy, accompanied by Velma, clambered out of the
van and into the unsuspecting diner, whilst Fred and Daphne settled
down into their blankets and fell asleep instantly.

Ninety minutes later
they were violently awakened by Shaggy, Scooby and Velma returning to
the van, the latter however had nothing to do with it of course. But
Shaggy and Scooby in their usual goofball way were both carrying
large BLT sandwiches in one hand and milkshakes in the other. One
thing led to another, and poor Fred and Daphne found themselves
attacked by bacon lettuce, tomato and bread.

Ok, Ok! Fred
said, We are up.

Velma grinned at the
pair from the front seat.

Nice nap? she

Lovely! grinned
Daphne, who was busy removing the lettuce from her clothes; Until
these two decided to make me part of their sandwich!

Once the gang had
settled, Fred started up the van again. It was not long before the
Mystery Machine was purring along the roads of London. Cries of
amazement and delight echoed all over the van as the gang passed
Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, the Southbank complete with
London Eye. Soon it pulled up alongside a large hotel, where a young
steward gave Fred the details of the underground parking.

If you go into the
reception and check in, sir, I will park your car and see that the
luggage is brought up to your rooms. The blond boy marveled at the
smart accent of the speaker.

Cool. Here are the
keys. Lets go and check into our rooms guys. Fred said.

Wow! whispered
Daphne as she climbed out of the van and looked around. London,
weve arrived!

A/N: Well,
what do you think so far? They have finally arrived in London. For
those of you who live in (like me!) or know London very well, the
hotel is a combination of one by the Strand Theatre, and also the
International on the Docklands(it has underground parking) and, for
story purposes, I have ignored the C-Charge.

Review if you want
to, like I said, I will respond to all my reviewers. Also if you have
any ideas or suggestions for the story, then contact me and I will
consider it.

Luv to you all!


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