Scooby Doo Pornography Story: The Room Chapter Three

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: The Room Chapter Three

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The Apartment

Chapter three: The Graduation

The Mystery Machine stopped outside Coolsville High School. As the gang got out of the van Fred said Daph can I talk to you for a minute?

Sure said Daphne.

Well be right back. If you want you can start walking to the auditorium and well catch up. said Fred.

Like no way man. Were a team so well stay here. said Shaggy.

Daphne this is for you. Fred said as he handed her a box. As Daphne opened the box her eyes widened. Inside the bow was a pair of purple earrings and a purple necklace. Ingraved on the necklace was a heart. Daphne wondered where Fred had gotten the money to buy the earrings and necklace.

Thanks Freddie. Ill put them on right know. said Daphne.

After she put them on she kissed him on the lips and they went back to the gang.

Let me guess, Fred got you a necklace and earrings. whispered Velma to Daphne with out looking at her.

How youd know? asked a puzzled Daphne.

Its typical. said Velma.

So what are you doing after high school Shag? asked Fred.

I dunno. said Shaggy.

How bout we get an apartment. said Fred.

Like that…. Shaggy was cut off because they had reached the auditorium.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mystery Inc. said the principle as they entered the room. Everyone clapped and cheered except for Red Herring and his friends. Red was Freds worst enemy, Daphnes first date, Velmas bully, Shaggys nightmare, and Scoobys chew toy.

Look its Mystery Stink! Red said loudly so the whole school could hear him.

Red and his friends cracked up.

As you all know Mystery Inc. has helped old Coolsville many times. So today well have the graduation and honor Mystery Inc. said the principle smiling.

There were many cheers and clapping.

Why do we have to honor them? All they do is unmasked idiots. They suck! said Red

Red why dont you just SHUT-UP. Youve never done anything brave EVER!! said Daphne angrily.

Oh yeah? So what? At least I dont hang out with a dumb dog, a braniac and an idiot. said Red.

So what if Velma, Shaggy and Scooby arent perfect. At least we have friends who like us for who we are! said Fred.

Well I Hope you… Red was cut off by the principle.

Boys Boys this is the last day of school. I dont want to hear another word. Now lets have the graduation. said the principle.

A/N: Sorry but I didnt feel like writing about the graduation.

After the graduation the gang gave a speech about solving mysteries. They were given an award for the best dectitves in Coolsville. Of course Red and his friends werent present.

Thanks for sticking up for me again. said Velma. In the past Fred had protected her from bullies like Red.

No problem Velms. said Fred smiling.

Red can be such a jerk! Why cant he just grow up? said Daphne angrily.

Like Daph chill. said Shaggy

How can you? Red always makes rumors about you. said Daphne

Like me loving Fred? So what? He only says that crap because hes jealous that I have such wonderful friends and he doesnt. said Shaggy. Shaggy did kind of like Fred but knew that if he told Fred they might not be friends anymore. Also, Fred and Daphne were perfect for each other and he was happy for that.

Rant re ro rhew Red? asked Scooby eagerly. Translation (Want me to chew Red?)

Nah Scooby hes not worth it. said Shaggy.

Oh look its Freddie and his little girls. said Fred as he past the gang.

Just leave Fred and the rest of us alone. said Shaggy.

Aw. Look Rogers loves Jones. How sweet. Whens the wedding? Today or tomorrow? said Fred coldly.

Fred could tell his best friend was hurt by looking at his eyes.

Stop picking on Shaggy. Even if he loves me Ill still be his friend. Why dont you go away. said Fred anger rising in his voice.

Fine Jones you dont have to be such a girl! said Red.

Before Fred could respond Red had left.

Thanks Fred! said Shaggy smiling.

Youre welcome Shag. Hey you never answered my question about me getting an apartment. said Fred.

O.K. Sure! Saggy said happily.

So where are we going know? asked Daphne.

How about we go to the Malt Shop and celebrate. My treat! Fred said.

Like no way man. Ill pay! said Shaggy.

Everyone including Scooby was shocked at what Shaggy said. Shaggy only paid for the food when he was in a great mood.

O.K. Shag. I owe you. said Fred.

R.K. Ran re rg reat rnow? asked Scooby hungrily. Translation (O.K. Can we go eat know?)

Sure. Lets go gang. Fred said smiling.

Next Chapter: Preparations

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