Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Scooby Doo Three The Vengeance Chapter Three

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Scooby Doo Three The Vengeance Chapter Three

-1Scooby Doo 3: The Revenge

By Scooby Freak

Chapter 3

Zoinks! I havent updated for a while! Real life gets in the way

So when are these alien dudes coming again? whispered Jerry, exhausted from all the duty he had to do in jail.

Tonight, in a few hours, but the sun is barely setting, theyd be spotted in the sky pretty quickly. said Scrappy.

But wouldnt they be spotted at night too? You know, cause theyre coming from outer space and..

Shut up! People will hear you! And no, when theyre coming down itll just look like an airplane, you know, because airplanes look like spaceships at night. Dont be an idiot. whispered Scrappy.

They waited, tapping on the wall. It was so quiet, so miserable. You could hear mumbling from other jail cells, and slight snoring was also heard. After the hours seemed like days, they heard the hard, cement floor suddenly crack. It cracked more and more, making the slightest noise. Suddenly, a loud bang was heard. There was a hole in the ground where Scrappy and Jerrys cell was.

Theyre here! said Scrappy.

Whos there? called an officers voice. Footsteps were coming towards them.

A dark figure popped out of the ground. It must have been 7 feet tall. The figure slowly walked to the dim light that was there. It was a hideous creature, with scaly, green skin, big, bloody red eyes staring at them so coldly, it was wearing dark, silver armor that shined in the small, dim light. The creature also carried a gigantic gun that shot out a lime green substance.

Scrappy Doo? the creature said in a cold, deep voice.

Ah, yes, finally. said Scrappy, And this is my humble assistant, Jerry.

Jerry almost fainted at the sight of the ugly dinosaur-like thing. His eyes were wide open, staring with fear, and he could not speak.

Im Captain Kryptone. Follow me before that officer comes. said the ugly creature. And with that, he jumped into the hole. Scrappy and Jerry followed.

A bunch of policemen ran to the jail cell but were too late. One officer looked into the hole.

How the heck did this happen?

Reah. said Scooby, stretching on his little bed.

Thank goodness were in our warm, safe house again. Shaggy said, turning off his lamp and throwing his head onto his pillow.

Roodnight Raggy. said Scooby, already closing his eyes.

Like, that monster was scary. said Shaggy.

Reah. Roodnight Raggy. said the tired Scooby again.

And like, we had to run a lot from that ghost

Rokay! Roodnight Raggy! said Scooby, slightly annoyed.

Goodnight Scoob. said Shaggy calmly. Both started snoring instantly.

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