Scooby Doo 3: The Revenge – Chapter 1

Scooby Doo 3: The Revenge – Chapter 1

Scooby Doo 3: The Revenge

By Scooby Freak

Chapter 1: Terror

Yes, Im still alive. Sorry for the lack of updates. Real life got in the way. Anyway, I was bored one day and started thinking of ideas for Scooby Doo 3 and it turned into a fic. Enjoy.

I swear Im innocent! he cried out from behind the bars. Everyone knew he was lying, Dont I have a cell mate! he asked. The cop just ignored him and walked away.

Im gonna kill Mystery Inc… he whispered. Then he heard someones voice. It sounded a little bit high pitched and annoying.

So, Mystery Inc threw you behind bars too eh? asked the voice.

Who..whos there? Jerry asked. There was no reply, Show yourself! he shouted.

Ive been in this jail for quite a long time, all because of those meddling punks. said the voice again.

Who are you? Jerry asked. Then he saw a shadow. It was a small little shadow, probably no bigger than a toaster.

I knew Mystery Inc for a while before they threw me in jail! the shadow said again.

You did? asked Jerry.

Yes, and now I know how to get the both of us out of this jail, so we can get our revenge! the shadow replied. They both started laughing maniacally.

Meanwhile, Mystery Inc were hanging out at the park theyve gone to since they were kids. They were all playing catch with a football.

Like, heads up Fred!

Fred almost caught the football, but instead it hit him on the top of his head, causing him to fall. He got up a few seconds later.

Im okay! he shouted. But he was not okay. His head was burning with pain and he was dizzy. Everyone else started laughing. Fred threw the football at Daphne, and she caught it. They all got tired and sat down on the grass, looking at the sky.

Like dude, that cloud looks almost exactly like a real airplane! said Shaggy.

Um Shaggy, it is an airplane. said Velma.

Oh uh, I knew that. said Shaggy.

Right… said Velma. Shaggy decided to change the topic quickly.

So um, Fred and Daph, whens your wedding? he asked.

July said Daphne.

Zoinks! Thats like, four months away. said Shaggy.

Yeah. said Fred.

Dude. Shaggy said.

What? asked Fred.

Like, dude!




Everyone laughed.

Like nothing man, just messing around. said Shaggy. Fred was a little confused.

Its getting kinda dark. said Velma.

Yeah, like, we should head home. said Shaggy.

Reah. said Scooby. They all hopped in the Mystery Machine and went to Mystery Inc Headquarters. They went in the living room, sat down, and relaxed. They had solved another Mystery earlier.

Like dude, Im hungry! said Shaggy.

Ree roo! said Scooby. They walked to the kitchen. The others could hear them munching on food.

Im going to my room. said Velma. She walked out, tired.

Fred and Daphne could still hear Shaggy and Scooby eating all the food in the kitchen.

Those two never stop eating. said Fred, chuckling.

Yeah. said Daphne, laughing with him. They were sitting on a couch. Fred got out the remote and turned on the TV, flipping the channels to see what was on. They stopped on a channel where a Buffy repeat was on. They were watching TV till midnight. They fell asleep on the couch, Daphne resting her head on Freds shoulder. They were indeed, soulmates.

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