Scooby Doo 3: The Revenge – Chapter 4

Scooby Doo 3: The Revenge – Chapter 4

-1Scooby Doo 3: The Revenge

By Scooby Freak

Chapter 4-Escaped

Sorry for not updating. Well, uh, here it is!

Dude, said Jerry coughing, You couldnt have picked a cleaner freaking place to escape!

Shut up you foolish earthling! said the alien-type, ugly Captain.

When will we get there! demanded Scrappy impatiently, I wanna take over the world while were still young!

Soon. mumbled the annoyed Captain.

How soon is soon? asked Scrappy, more frustrated than ever.

WHEN WE GET THERE! the giant creature exclaimed in his face. Both the earthlings kept quiet for the rest of the time. They had been going through the tunnel for hours till Captain Kryptone finally spoke.

Weve arrived. Mark my words, dont touch ANYTHING.

Scrappy and Jerry nodded. The giant monster suddenly looked up to the top of the tunnel, and punched a hole through it.

Climb up. he mumbled grumpily.

Daaaaamn! What is this place? Jerry said as they climbed up and entered what looked similar to the inside of the Enterprise from Star Trek.

Its our ship! Captain Kryptone yelled, Foolish mortal he mumbled under his breath. Then many creatures that looked similar to Captain Kryptone appeared. Some were fatter, skinnier, shorter, taller. But if you saw them, you knew they all were the same species.

Is this them? spoke up one of them.

What does it look like! asked Captain Kryptone.


Welcome great Scrappy Doo another creature interrupted, he walked up to Jerry and took out his hand, or paw, or whatever it was, Youre pure genius. Im Lieutenant Trovan.

Hem-hem said a small voice on the ground, Im Scrappy Doo. That man up there is my humble assistant, Jerry.

Trovan looked down at the Great Dane.

Oh he said.

Now, on to the plan! When do we start the attack and where? said Scrappy, jumping on a strange looking chair and sitting down. The creatures grinned evilly.

We know exactly where we want to attack. said Kryptone, We were thinking the outskirts of Coolsville is a good start

Well then, lets go! said Scrappy, getting impatient.

We cant fly there. The soldiers must go there by foot. said Trovan.

Wait a minute! Theyll be spotted in an instant! What kind of army are you running here anyway? shouted Scrappy.

Listen! You didnt let me finish. Theyll be going underground and when they reach there, theyll pop out and attack. finished Trovan.

Impressive. And I want hostages! Take as much as you can! I want Coolsville to know were not playing games demanded Scrappy.

Um, do I have any part in this asked Jerry.

You sit your butt down! said Scrappy. Jerry sat instantly.

Well then, the troops are here, assembled and ready to go. So, were off. said Trovan.

And remember, HOSTAGES! the dictator Scrappy said.

The soldiers left, one by one going down the hole that Jerry, Scrappy, and Kryptone had popped out of.

Alright troops! To the outskirts of the town! Trovan said.

But Scrap, Jerry asked, How would war get revenge on Mystery Inc?

Youre not thinking Jerry. Once attacks come, Mystery Inc will want to protect the world. And then theyll be mine

Whats wrong Scoobs? asked Shaggy.

I bet people could here your screaming a few blocks away. said Fred.

R-R-R-Rappy! said Scooby.

What about Scrappy, hes in jail! said Velma.

R-R-R-Res back! exclaimed Scooby.

Scooby, you were just having a nightmare. said Daphne.

Scooby shook his head. Rit seemed so real.

Well, dreams sometimes seem real when theyre not Scoobo. said Shaggy, sitting next to him and patting his head, Scrappys in jail.

Um Shaggy, you better hold back that thought said Fred. Scoobys craziness had accidentally turned on the TV. They were showing a wrecked jail cell. A reporter was standing in front of it.

Scrappy Doo and another prisoner by the name of Jerry Baummer have escaped. Police say there was a huge explosion and a hole in the ground. Chief George Sharks says they didnt find any bodies, so its obvious that the prisoners escaped..

The reporter kept taking and talking about the case.

What? asked Velma.

Rold you so

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