Scooby Doo 3: The Revenge – Chapter 6

Scooby Doo 3: The Revenge – Chapter 6

-1Scooby Doo 3: The Revenge

By Scooby Freak

Chapter 6

Ive been wanting to update but I havent had time. Im sorry. Im trying to put aside time to update this, well heres chapter 6.

Now hold on right there kids, what do you think youre doing here? he asked.

Sir, were detectives. said Velma.

Oh, and what kind of detectives are you? asked the officer sarcastically.

Mystery Inc. said Daphne.

Okay Mystery Inc, the last thing we need is a bunch of kids and a big dog getting in our business. the officer replied while biting into a donut, Now scat.

Not so fast. said a voice behind the officer. A chubby man with brown hair and a mustache wearing a police officer uniform stepped in front of the other officer.

Clark, why arent you investigating? asked the chubby man.

Well Chief, Im trying to get rid of these clowns. replied Officer Clark pointing at Mystery Inc.

Those arent clowns. They are the famed Mystery Inc. Where the hell have you been? said the Chief.

I, uh was all that Officer Clark said.

Get back to work you lazy bum! said Chief, who started biting into a glazed donut. Officer Clark ran off. The Chief then looked at Mystery Inc for a moment.

So I see youve heard the news about what happened. he said.

Yes, sir. said Fred.

Officer, do you think Scrappy Doo could be behind this? asked Velma. The Chief started laughing.

That little mutt? HA! I highly doubt it! he said.

But like, Scrappy escaped from prison and now this stuff is happening. It cant be a coincidence. said Shaggy.

That could be true.. said the Chief.

Raggy! Rook! exclaimed Scooby pointing at the sky. Everyone looked up and were horrified. There was a space-like flying object that was right behind an airplane. The UFO zapped something that looked like a laser at the plane, and the plane burst into flames. It crashed not so far from Coolsville. The UFO flew away.

Oh my God! said the Chief, Round up some officers and troops! Hurry!

A news reporter gazed at the sky then turned to her camera man, Lets go! she said, and they both got in a van and drove off.

Shaggy and Scooby started whimpering and crying. Like, I told you War of the Worlds was true! cried Shaggy.

I dont know if this is War of the Worlds, but it sure is something. Fred said, with a little bit of fear in the tone of his voice.

We should check out the crash. said Velma. All five hopped in the van and drove to where the plane crashed. The scene was horrible. The plane had crashed on an open plain. There was a huge crowd of people surrounding the crashed plane that was broken and in flames. A bunch of soldiers, officers, and firefighters were trying to block the crowd from stepping any closer to the scene. The gang overheard two soldiers talking.

Were there any survivors? asked one soldier.

Probably no survivors. said the other soldier sadly.

I cant believe a group of people so vial and cruel would do this to innocent people. Sick assholes I tell ya. the first soldier replied.

No survivors Scooby repeated sadly.

They went up close to the crowd of people that were being blocked by the army.

You people should be staying inside your homes right now! said one soldier that was attempting to block some people. The gang went through the crowd and up to the soldiers.

Scooby felt something under his paw so he lifted it up. Under his paw was a burnt little Barbie doll that probably belonged to a little child on that plane. Scooby picked up the doll and almost cried.

Alright people step away from the plane! said a soldier pushing away the gang.

Sir were detectives. said Fred.

Unless you can provide me with any proof that youre detectives then I cannot let you pass through. replied the soldier. Chief George Sharks then walked up to them.

Theyre detectives sir, I know them. said Chief.

Alright sir. Pass through then. said the soldier. Mystery Inc walked beside the Chief.

No survivors at all. We dont know what that object was that attacked this plane. Maybe some terrorists came up with a new flying machine said Chief.

Or maybe it really was aliens. said Shaggy, Like sir, theres never been a flying object like that before, plus it shot that laser thingy at the plane.

Oh darn! I give up! Maybe it was aliens, maybe Im wrong! I just dont want to believe that creatures from outer space are trying to attack us! How will we defend ourselves? They have so much power and we dont have enough soldiers! the Chief sighed, Im just going to have to get more soldiers without them volunteering. Because even if we got some volunteered soldiers it wouldnt be enough. he sighed again, Mystery Inc, Im gonna need you to help in this fight against these enemies

“But Scrappy, I thought that you just wanted to have revenge on Mystery Inc, not take over the world.” said Jerry.

“Jerry, DO YOU PAY ATTENTION? With these guys we’re strong enough to take over the world! We’ll rule the world and have our sweet revenge on Mystery Inc!”

“Well, ruling the world does sound fun” said Jerry.

“Well Scrappy, your plan has done it again. Soon the world will be ours.” said Captain Kryptone who was walking in the Space ship that was hidden underground.

“Well done to you too. This underground space ship is a marvelous idea!” said Scrappy.

“Where do we attack next?” asked Kryptone.


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