Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Realizing Enjoy – Chapter Five

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Realizing Enjoy – Chapter Five

This is a long chapter
because of a flashback that appears at the end of the chapter. Enjoy!

Velma had spent most of
her time in the basement sleeping, waiting for what was going to
happen next. Velma awoke, and now entertained herself by trying to
deduce with what little information she had, on her whereabouts. She
figured that they had taken her somewhere farther up north,
considering that it was colder than it was in Coolsville. She was
thankful that she had her trademark orange sweater on.

She sat quietly,
closing her eyes. The only thing she could hear was some muffled
talking, coming from upstairs.

Redd was upstairs,
contemplating with Bill on what they were going to do next.

So, whats our
next move? the Bill asked.

Well, Redd said,
turning around in his chair, I figure that Freds figured out
what the dead fish meant by now, so they should be heading toward the
Dinkley Aquarium. They should find the next clue there.

Are we really going
to let them just take her if they figure out where we are within the
next 24 hours? Bill asked.

Are you kidding?
Im not that stupid! Of course not! She and the rest of them are
going to die for sure, Redd said, starting to laugh wickedly.

Fred and Daphne had
picked up Scooby and Shaggy in the Mystery Machine shortly after he
figured out what the clue meant. He had told everyone to dress warmly
due to where they were going.

Like man Freddy,
did you really have to get us all up at 1:00 in the morning?
Shaggy asked groggily.

Yes, Shag. Its
about that clue you found, Fred said.

Daphne, Shaggy, and
Scooby were suddenly awake at the sudden statement.

Did you figure it
out? Daphne asked with concern.

Yes. You know how
Velmas parents own an aquarium and are marine biologists, Fred

So, like, thats
where youre taking us? Shaggy asked.

Fred nodded, keeping
his eyes on the road. They drove in silence, neither of them not
really knowing what to say.

They got to the
Dinkley Aquarium, and used their keys, which they had received as a
gift from the Dinkleys a couple of Christmass ago, to get

The four of them
stayed together as they began their search of the aquarium. They
walked around near the dolphin arena, then the sea lions, and moving
on to the turtles.

Like wait a
minute! Shaggy exclaimed startling everyone. Were looking in
the wrong section.

How do you know?
Daphne asked curiously.

Velmas favorite
animal that her parents studied is the sharks.

Since when? Fred

Since when Velma,
Scooby, and I were out on the beaches one day, he replied. Shaggy
started to explain what happened that day.

Shaggy and Scooby were
each on their own surfboard, kicking and splashing each other. Velma
was sitting on her own board, with a 35mm camera, with waterproof
lenses, taking pictures of anything interesting that she saw.

Velma suddenly stopped
moving, and took her feet out of the water, and on to her surfboard
Scooby and Shaggy saw the frightened and nervous 13 year-old and got
curious as to why she was scared.

Whats the matter
Vel? Shaggy asked, concerned.

Take your feet out
of the water and dont move! she ordered them, her eyes darting
around her, as if trying to find something.

Okay, Velmabut
why? Shaggy asked, as he and Scooby were doing what they were

Reah, said
Scooby, beginning to get scared. He started to whimper.

With her eyes still
darting this way and that, Velma began to explain. Something
bumped my board just a few minutes ago. I looked around to see what
it was and I saw a fin sticking out of the water, attached to a dark
shadow, then it went too far under to see, Velma said, still
looking for the animal that tapped her.

It was, like,
probably just a dolphin Vel, Shaggy said trying to calm her down
because she was beginning to shake a little.

No it wasnt!
Dolphin fins are distinguishably different from shark fins, Velma

There was a long
silence. Then the sound of movement in the water could be heard.
Velma froze, staring behind Shaggy.

What–, Shaggy
began, but Velma cut him off before he could say anything else.

Shaggy. Scooby.
Dont move unless I instruct you to do so, Velma said. Her board
was closer to Shaggy, as the water slowly drifted her towards him.

Shaggy and Scooby were
obeying her every command, trying not to get so scared like they
usually did. The shark was slowly coming up towards him.

Shaggy, unhook the
Velcro strap around your ankle, she instructed.

Okay, Shaggy,
said, doing as told, but why?

Please dont
question me right now Shaggy, just do it! Velma said sternly,
closing her eyes and brushing away some tears that were starting to
form. She turned and noticed Scooby. He was staring at the shark, as
if he was in some kind of trance. Scooby! No sudden movements.
Just be very still, Velma commanded. Scooby just nodded, still
watching the shark circle Shaggys board. Okay, Velma said,
turning to face Shaggy again. Shaggy, slowly and steadily, I want
you to stand up on your board, Velma stated.

Shaggy nodded and
slowly started standing up, trying to keep his balance. He was off to
a good start but his board started to wobble, causing Shaggy to
wobble too.

Velmas attention
was snapped to the shark, who was tapping Shaggys board. She
extended her hand out towards Shaggy, who was trying desperately not
to fall into the water, or worse, the sharks jaws.

Shaggy! Take my
hand and get on my board, Velma exclaimed.

Without hesitation,
Shaggy reached out and grabbed her hand, gripping it as if it were
something he desired so deeply. Shaggys right foot stepped on to
Velmas board. Just as Shaggy brought his left foot to Velmas
board, the shark tipped Shaggys board over, and then proceeded to
snap it in half with its bone-crushing jaws. Realizing it didnt
get what it wanted, the shark turned and swam the other way.

Shaggy sat down behind
Velma and gave her a bear hug. Thank you, Velma! Thank you, thank
you, thank you! Shaggy praised.

Velma giggled and
hugged him too, Your welcome, Shaggy.

Scooby had been filled
with relief when the shark went away, and he put his paws and tail
back in the water.

Hey! Whats that
for? Shaggy asked Velma.

Whats what for?
Velma answered back, unaware of what Shaggy was talking about.

The knife attached
to you. Why do you need a knife? Shaggy asked.

Oh that. I take it
with me every time I come out here, Velma said. My parents gave
my sister and my brother one.

Why? Shaggy
continued to ask.

Kind of for
protection in some worst case scenarios, Velma began. Like for
instance, if youre being attacked by a shark, you should stab them
in their nose and theyre eyes, so that way they cant smell you
or see you to try and attack you again. As you know, my parents work
with many different aquatic animals, and my favorite is the shark.
Did you know that my parents have swam with sharks?
Shaggy said, looking at her with surprise. He looked over at Scooby
who was listening intently.

Yeah. There were
always people around though, to make sure they didnt get hurt. And
they werent the really fierce sharks like great whites and
tiger sharks. They also let me and my siblings swim with them too,
but of course, my parents were in the water with us.

The trio floated in
the water in silence, reflecting on the near shark-attack. The
silence was interrupted when Scooby started howling and crying.

he wailed.

Shaggy and Velma
snapped their heads into Scoobys direction. The shark had come
back and was biting Scoobys tail, pulling him in the water.

Velma instantaneously
grabbed her knife and jumped into the water, and began swimming
towards Scooby. Shaggy watched Scooby in a panic, and was frantically
trying to think of something that would help Scooby.

Velma swam up to the
shark and grabbed on to its dorsal fin. The shark didnt care
about anything except devouring Scoobys tail, and then Scooby
himself. Velma took the knife and stabbed the shark in its left eye.
The shark loosened its grip on Scoobys tail, and thrashed
slightly, then continued to attack Scooby.

Velma took the knife
again, and stabbed the shark in its right eye. This time it let go of
Scoobys tail completely, and thrashed around more wildly than
before, knocking off Velma in the process, her glass flying off.
Scooby took advantage of this and climbed back on his surfboard.

Shaggy quickly jumped
in the water and swam over to Velma. He grabbed her arm and puller
over to her board. He looked around for the shark and noticed that
the knife was still jammed in its eye.

Shaggy swam up behind
the shark, grabbed its dorsal fin. The shark swam back towards
Scooby, pulling Shaggy with him. Shaggy quickly grabbed the knife,
yanked it out of the sharks eye, and stabbed it in the nose.

The shark again
thrashed backwards, throwing Shaggy off. The shark began to swim
around aimlessly, unable to see.

Shaggy quickly swam to
Scoobys board, who was gripping it, shaking and whimpering
intensely. Shaggy grabbed part of Scoobys board and swam to Velma.
With his free hand, he grabbed Velmas board and started swimming
to shore.

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