The Fresh Adventures of Scooby Doo – Chapter 14

The Fresh Adventures of Scooby Doo – Chapter 14

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Daphne and Fred
were still running when suddenly a banana peel fell from the sky in
front of Daphne. With a slip, she fell backwards landing on Freddy.
“Daph, you ok?” Freddy said standing up and knocking
Daphne to the ground. Daphne hit the ground with a thud as Freddy
adjusted his ascot. Daphne tried to stand up but fell back down.
“Ow, I think I twisted my ankle Freddy.”
WOMAN!” Freddy said angrily. Daphne blinked. Freddy coughed and
helped her up.
“Sorry, anyways, look! A hospital!”
Freddy said looking at the sign that read Alchemilla Hospital. They
entered the building and ran into a hideously deformed receptionist.
“Excuse me, but my friend here twisted her ankle..could we
see a doctor?”
minutes? Sounds good!”
“Ok ok..”
Freddy reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of 100s.
“Freddy, where did you get all that money?”
and Scooby have to get their medicine from someone.”
“No, but what dope fiends they are.” Freddy
said laughing. A nurse waddling by smacked him with a clipboard and
waddled into an observation room where screams of agony were heard.
“You must be the new victims.” A rather angry voice
said coming down the hallway. Freddy and Daphne looked over to see
House walking down the hallway holding a clipboard in one hand.
who’s bitching today?”
“That’d be her.” Freddy
said pointing at Daphne.
“Is this your girlfriend or sister.
You both have that same confused look of a deer in the headlights.”
“Hey, that’s not very nice..”
“I’m sorry, oh
wait, on second thought, no I’m not. Just come on, we’ll examine your
ankle.” House said walking down the hallway. Freddy hoisted up
Daphne again and followed House to the examination room. Freddy set
Daphne down on the table and sat down.
“Ok, so your ankle
feels sore eh. Let’s just take a gander..” House said wheeling
out a brick of plutonium and some x-ray film.
“Isn’t that a
little dangerous?”
“Budget cut backs I’m afraid.”
House waved the plutonium back and forth a few times and tossed
it out a window, where it promptly fell into the well of the
hospital. He looked at the film.
“Hm, interesting. It
appears your ankle isn’t sprained or broken..”
“So why
does it hurt?”
“Because you’ve got a hideous monster
chewing on it.” House said pointing at a hideous creeper gnawing
on Daphne’s ankle. House smacked it with his cane and threw it at
Freddy who screamed and fell out a window. Two nurses wheeled him in
on a stretcher where House smacked the creeper with his cane again
and flung it out the window.

Meanwhile outside..

Mason climbed out of the ditch he had fallen into only to get struck
in the face by a creeper. He climbed back up the rock face and
examined the creature.
“Interesting…appears to be leech
like…” Harry licked it once and smacked his lips.
remniscent of old french fries, pure unadulterated evil, and
nightmares…with a hint of lime.” He said before looking around
and licking it again and giggling before tossing it over the edge of
the cliff. The little girl that had climbed up after him popped up
for a moment.
“WAIT! I’m here-ack!” She shouted as the
creeper clung to her face knocking her down the crevace again.

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