Scooby Doo Pornography Story: The Fresh Adventures of Scooby Doo Chapter Nine

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: The Fresh Adventures of Scooby Doo Chapter Nine

By Berg

It was growing late.
Freddy and Daphne had lost the boat, and ran into a nearby building
looking for a ride back to the hotel.

Oh my!

There was a taxi
sitting in front of the Texxon Gas Station. Inspecting the window,
Freddy called out, Its empty!


Daphne wandered into
the Gas Station.

This is empty too!

Freddy and Daphne stood
gazing at the coming night.

Oh come on. How are
we supposed to get back now?

Suddenly, the back door

Is someone there?




Who is it?

The door shattered
under the force of a large blade.

Aah! Daphne cried
as the Man with the Pyramid Head came through the door.

The uh the
hotdogs were good Freddy stuttered.

Leave came
Pyramid Heads voice.

The Gas Station?


The block?



Leave the city!


Freddy looked at
Daphne. Daphne looked at Freddy. Pyramid Head looked at the chocolate
bars and the car flicked its lights.

You can leave now,
came the voice of Pyramid Head.

Without hesitation,
Freddy and Daphne fled straight to the Hotel. Daphne was amazed she
could run so far.

Meanwhile, Velma was
enthralled in her new book. Casting her eye over it, she noticed that
a piece of paper had fallen out. Picking it up, she observed the
written text on it and read aloud.

dear DADDY. im
Having a fun time. aunty dahlia has shown mE alL sorts of fun rituals
and Powerful spells. Missing you, chEryl.

It appears to be
some sort of code, Velma muttered.

If you have worked out
Cheryls hidden message, turn to chapter 10.

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