Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Daphne and Shaggy – who would have thought?

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Daphne and Shaggy – who would have thought?

“Okay guys, time to split up!” Fred announced as they made their way through the rusty old mansion.

Velma nodded. “Same drill as usual…”

Daphne, stunning girl that she was, decided she had a better idea. “Why don’t we change it up this time? We switch me for Scooby?”

The door creaked open on its rusty hinges as Daphne shoved Shaggy into the room.

“Now I know why I never go with you,” Daphne complained.

Shaggy shrugged. “Some call it cowardice, but like, I call it safety first.”

Daphne rolled her beautiful eyes, placed her hands on her sexy hips, and took in the view.

The room was small, and only an old-style four poster king size bed adorned it. The sheets looked so soft, the pillows were so fluffy- she sat down.

“Look in the closet,” Daphne instructed. She laid down and stretched,
splaying her pretty limbs on the soft, firm bed.

Shaggy did as told, but found nothing. He sat down on the bed. “Like, got anything to eat?”

Daphne took a moment to think before smiling suggestively. “We-e-ellllll,” she purred, lifting the hem of her dress, revealing sexy thighs and a purple panties.

Shaggy’s eyes bulged. “Daphne, I, Like-”

Daphne kicked off her shoes and folded her legs to pull off her pantyhose. “Come on, you said you’re huuungry…”

Shaggy leaned forward, further, further, put his hands around

Daphne’s waist as she laughed and arched her back, until suddenly-
He ripped off her panties and ate her out, savoring the taste of her sexy smelling pussy.

Daphne moaned and wrapped her legs around him as she pulled off her dress entirely, leaving only her bra to cover her almost-naked, semi-nude, ever so attracting body.

She smiled dazzlingly as he came up for air. He licked her inner thighs before pulling himself up on top of her.

“Well, whatchya gonna do to me?” Daphne smiled teasingly as she pulled down his pants and stripped off his shirt.

Shaggy unclasped her bra, revealing two perfect perky breasts, and started to suck them.

Daphne moaned in pleasure, holding his head to her boobs, and slid her hands in his underwear.

They changed their position, and soon they were both nude, with

Daphne giving Shaggy the best blowjob of all time- a little sloppy, but perfect for Shaggy, who moaned as Daphne stared sexily into his eyes.

Soon, Daphne slid her mouth off his cock, kissing its tip, and positioned herself under him on the bed. She opened her mouth slightly.

“Fuck me.”

Shaggy’s long, perfect cock slid into her tight pussy, and for a moment she couldn’t believe she was doing this.

I’m having sex with Shaggy. Fucking him silly.

Suddenly, she didn’t care. She pressed him further into her, willing him to rid her of her virginity, making him fuck her, have the best sex ever.

They fucked, gapsing and moaning and groaning and reveling in perversion-

Shaggy suddenly gasped, redfaced.

“Daphne… I’m… Daphne, I think I’m about to cum,” he whispered urgently.

Daphne laughed and pulled him in closer, her breasts squishing into his chest. “Cum inside me. I don’t care if I get pregnant, just cum inside me, oh, right there- right there- don’t stop! DON’T STOP!”

Shaggy came, splurting load after load into her, filling her with fuck juice, the product of sex.

Daphne laughed and smiled and moaned and wriggled his cock deeper into her, enjoying every minute…

Shaggy was dressed now, but Daphne still lay panting on the bed.

“Go ahead Shaggy, I just need to recover!”
Shaggy nodded, and headed out.

Daphne grinned to herself, holding the memory in, oh, she wanted that cock again-
Scooby peeked his head through the door.

“Come on in Scoob!” Daphne said with a vicious twinkle in her eye, holding out her arms and showing her bare breasts. “There’s enough for two.”




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