Scooby Doo Pornography Story: The Starting – Chapter Five

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: The Starting – Chapter Five

A/N: I know this
isnt a classic Scooby mystery (no people on costume!) but Ive
been watching WAY to many episodes of Magnum P.I. to have a , um how
should I put this, a stupid criminal, so here is a Scooby mystery
with a smart criminal and a dangerous situation, where Fred just
might have to save Daphne!! Enjoy!

Another day had been
spent trying to endure 7th grade: teachers, tests,
relationships, and of course Irene, who never quite understood why
Fred wouldnt ask her out. The gang ran out of school so fast that
afternoon, partly because Scooby was waiting and because Irene was
behind them.

Hey, Scoob!!
Shaggy yelled and grabbed his leash without stopping. They ran all
the way to Freds house, which was closest to the school.

Hey kids!!! Bill
Jones exclaimed when the 4 out of breath kids and a panting dog burst
in the door. Whatcha running from, a ghost?!? he joked.

No, Daphne
explained, Irene! She laughed and looked at Fred who blushed.

Might I want to
know who she is? Bill Jones asked glancing at the kids faces.

Come on, Dad, shes
just this dumb girl who wants me to go out with her. Fred said and
looked at Daphne whose face had grown noticeably red.

Oh. Was Bills
reply, he knew his son had a crush on someone; he just hadnt
figured it out yet. Well dont let her bother you, alright?
he said and walked into his office.

She never gives
up. Velma said grabbing a cookie off the counter and giving half
to Shaggy.

Believe me I know!
Fred said grabbing the newspaper and reading the headline aloud.
Security Breach at C.A. Naval Base, hmmmm he said.

Daddy was talking
about it; he was one of the agents called to investigate. Daphne
commented running her fingers through her hair.

Like whats a
breach?? Shaggy asked as he ate the cookie Velma gave him.

A breach is an
infraction or violation of a law, obligation, tie, or standard.
Velma said matter-of-factly.

Like maaaannnnnnn.
Shaggy said stretching out the word man. Scooby barked and Shaggy
gave him a cookie.

Man is right,
wouldnt it be awesome of we could figure out who, um breached
security?? Fred said thinking of how unhappy his mom would be to
hear about a Navy security problem. Pushing those thoughts out of
his mind Fred switched into his leader mode and ran to his dads
office. Dad, um you know youre going to Coronado tomorrow
could we come with you, please?! Fred pleaded to his dad.

Well, it might be
boring, but if their parents say its ok then sure. Bill Jones

Fred yelled and ran and told the others. Daphne looked at him

Were driving far
away to try and solve a mystery that might be solved before we got
there, come on Freddie get real. Daphne said.

But itll be fun
cause well be together and oh Daph please say youll come!
Fred begged.

Like say youll
marry me Shaggy whispered to Velma mimicking Fred.

Oh Norville
please! Velma scolded gently smacking him on the shoulder.

Reh, Raggy,
rease!! Scooby laughed and ate a cookie off the counter. (yeah
shaggy please)

Daphne considered it
for a nanosecond and then her face lit up in a smile Of course
Ill come Freddie, if youd miss me. She said flirtatiously
which scared and delighted Fred at the same time.

Well, yeah Id
miss you.. Fred said and he could feel his cheeks burning. In
the months they had know each other Velma and Shaggy had never seen
their friends act like this. They giggled and the now self-conscious
Daphne and Fred snapped back to reality.

4 hours later

The 4 friends and
Scooby had spent the last 4 hours at the Joneses house planning for
their day tomorrow. Fred knew they could make some progress IF they
had a good plan and he had developed one. Shaggys mom had driven
him and Velma and Scooby home and now Daphne was waiting for her mom.
The car horn honked outside and Daphne slipped her shoes on and ran
for the door.

Bye, Freddie!!!
She called and shot a dazzling smile his way.

Bye Daph.
Fred said still under the spell of her smile and cuteness. She ran
outside and got into the car and waved until the house was out of

Fred looked out the
window and waved until the car was out of sight.

Ill write more
about the mystery in Chapter6 this chapter was just kinda something I
wrote in a daze so I hope you like it. 3 daphne/fred 4ever 3
Ill update as soon as I can.daphne v-s.

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